How do I interpret my report?

Your report is generated from the thousands of data points measured during the assessment, and reflects the unique approach you took to each of the tasks in the assessment. We want to be clear: Your ‘score’, presented at the end of assessment has no bearing on your report. You can find out more about the 'game score' here

The data points are used to calculate your score across 34 cognitive and personality traits. Each trait score is measure against a large comparison group, of representative demographic grouping.

Remember, there is no “perfect profile”. Each job is different, so one person might be an ideal fit for one role, and not at all for another. 

Report Structure

The Candidate Report is organised into 5 sections that contain a set of unique psychological characteristics:

  • Personal style
  • Cognition
  • Drive
  • Interpersonal style
  • Thinking style

Interpreting Radial Results

For each characteristic, the closer the highlighted radial to either end of the scale, the stronger the your tendency or ability in that direction.

The majority of people fall in the middle radials. Only 1-2% of the population fall on either side of the extreme end.

Here, the radial is closer to “processes large amounts of information”. This means you tend to be comfortable processing larger amounts of information than the average person in the comparison group, but that doesn't mean you always do!

Things to remember about the report:

  • The profiles, while reliable, are not infallible, like all psychometric tests.
  • Each characteristic is valuable in different contexts. There's no right or wrong score, just like there is no right or wrong personality.
  • Your profile will be considered along with other information before any decision is made.
  • The report is likely to be a good reflection for 12 months. Though we do advise that the assessment can be retaken after a 6 month delay.
  • Your results will be kept confidential but may be used anonymously in aggregation for analysis and improvement of our products.



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