What does my end score mean?

"I scored 6000, but my friend scored 9000... does this mean they are more suited to the role?"

In short, no.

We completely understand that your end score might feel like the aim of the assessment! We do want to be clear though:

These points indicate your performance from a gaming perspective, and helps motivate you to show your natural behaviours, but... your end score has no correlation with your personality profile, or your likelihood of progressing.

We aim for the assessment to measure your unique approach to the different tasks, and the end score helps to create a high stakes scenario in which to do this. This allows us to see how well your behaviours align with what the needs of the role. If you want to understand how the assessment measures your behaviour, see here

Overall? Don’t dwell on your end score once you’ve completed the assessment, the employer won't have access to this when considering your application.


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