Where is my report?

There’s a couple of reasons why you might not have received your feedback report yet:

Employer preferences

Candidate feedback is at the employer’s discretion. If they have opted to make your report available to you, but you’ve still not received it, this may be because of the role you’ve applied to. For some, we need everyone to complete the assessment before we can release the reports. So keep being patient!


Sometimes email providers like to re-route reports to your ‘Junk’ inbox. Useful, right? 

Have a look, and double-check it’s not been swept up by any anti-spam filters. If it’s not there, it’s possible our server is working overtime, and is just taking a bit longer than usual to process your results. They should be with you shortly. 

Assessment completion

If it’s none of the above, it may well be that you’ve not actually finished the assessment! Go back and make sure you completed all the tasks – we’ll only ever send out a report once you’re all done.


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