What device should I use?

Is my phone / tablet compatible?

We support Apple iOS and Android operating systems, Windows Mobile is not supported. The best indicator that we can give for whether the device will work is the age of the device. Older devices (+4 years old) will be slower and in some cases unable to handle the application. 

We support all screen sizes and the application is designed to function equally well whatever size the screen.

Any devices running an operating system iOS 9 or Android 4.1 and older are not supported. 

Can I complete on my desktop / laptop?

Although we do recommend that you use your compatible mobile device to complete the assessment, Skyrise City can also be carried out on Windows desktop and MacOS, or a tablet. Our other assessments do not currently have a desktop version.

Most newer machines should work, so long as they are running an operating system no older than Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks). 

What if my device does not fit the criteria?

If your device does not fit the above criteria, you are welcome to borrow a device from a friend or relative. 



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