What does the assessment involve? Can you give me a description of what to expect?

A brief introduction to the Assessment is provided in your invite. The assessment does not contain questions, but is instead a series of engaging and intuitive tasks, measuring unique behaviour.

These tasks rest on decades of research in the field of neuroscience. By measuring how you approach certain work-relevant scenarios, the assessment can paint a rich, detailed picture of how you typically behave. This makes it easier for the employer to find the people that will really fit, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or background.

If you have been asked to complete only the behaviour based assessment tasks and not the work-place intelligence tasks then you will be presented with eight tasks like the ones below:



These tasks will ask you to complete the following types of activities:

  • View and interpret information presented on a screen
  • Recognise numbers and shapes
  • Memorise and recall patterns
  • Make decisions using the information presented
  • Respond quickly to images that flash up
  • Ignore certain images that flash up
  • Recognise and label faces and emotions
  • Physically respond to moving images on the screen