How will my results be used in the recruitment process?

We’ve built the assessment to help employers see beyond the CV, giving them a clearer idea of your true potential in their roles and/or culture. This insight helps them make their hiring fairer, more objective, and, frankly, better. 

Specifically, the insight from our assessment paints a rich, accurate picture of how you’ll typically behave at work. Once you’ve completed the assessment, we’re able to instantly compare that picture to an ideal ‘framework’ of behaviours for the specific role, culture, or both. This data then gets passed onto the employer, to inform their decision on who to progress.


Employers typically use this insight in two ways:

  1. As a CV-blind, bias-free way to identify great candidates early on in their process
  2. As an additional data point to make their interview process more personalised to you

It’s also worth noting that we’ll always compare your responses in the assessment to those of a ‘norm group’, which is just a large number of people who are demographically similar to you (e.g. graduates). This helps us put your responses into a much wider context, so that employers get the most accurate read on how you compare to others in that demographic.

Lastly, remember that every employer is looking for something different. So, with our task-based assessment, there are no right or wrong answers, just like there’s no right or wrong personality. We’re simply looking for the best fit.


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