Creating a security question

At Arctic Shores, the security of your data is important to us. In a time where cybercrimes are on the rise, it is crucial that we take appropriate measures to enhance the security of your account.

Arctic Shores implements a mandatory security question as a secondary method to validate yourself when you are unable to log in to your account. 

When you first create a user for Datahub, you will be requested to set up this feature. 

On entering your account, you will see, highlighted in red, tasks you will need to complete to make sure your user login is secure. First start by setting your security question. To do that click on the link - Click here to set your security question


Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 12.09.55-1

Select a security question of your choice and enter the answer below, verify that answer by inputting again.

Once this has been completed, this will associate that question and answer to the user.

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