I have taken the assessment before

It's been 6 months or longer since I completed the assessment

If you've taken the same Arctic Shores assessment within the last 6 months your old results will still be valid. However, if you have taken the assessment longer ago than 6 months your results may have fluctuated so you should retake the assessment. Simply login as normal and take the assessment on this new player key.

I am being asked to take a different version of the assessment

You may have previously completed one assessment, e.g. Skyrise City (personality), and you are now being asked to complete a different one, e.g. Skyrise City (aptitude). In this scenario you should complete the new assessment. Check your invitation email to establish which assessments you've been assigned.

I've taken the assessment within 6 months

Make a support form, and explain that you have taken the assessment previously. We will then copy your previous results over onto your new player key and you will not need to do anything further! 

When you make the support form, make sure that you include the following information; 

  1. Which assessment you are being asked to repeat
  2. Both you old and new player keys, found on the invitation emails sent to you
  3. Both the old and new roles which you have applied for

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