My 'username is not recognized'

Check that the username that you are entering is correct

First things first, double check that the username that you are entering is correct! The username is the seven digit code that you can find within your assessment invitation.

1. Make sure there are no spaces or punctuation included by accident

2. Make sure a 1 is not being confused for an I

3. The Caps lock is not on by accident

Tip: You are able to copy and paste the username straight into the login page.

Ensure you download the correct assessment

Check your invitation email to clarify exactly which Arctic Shores assessment you are suppose to take, and see if the application you have downloaded is the same one. If you try and login to a different assessment, your player key will not be recognized!

Tip: If you are taking the assessment on your computer, you can find the assessment download page here. Download Skyrise City if you don't know which assessment is yours. 

Check when your assessment expires

Look at the email invitation or email reminder. If the deadline has passed, the programme may have closed, and your player key will no longer work.

Tip: Please contact the organisation that you are applying to for inquiries about extensions.



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