My username is not recognised

Firstly, if you are taking the web version of our assessment, there will be no requirement to input a username. Just scroll down to the 'Start Assessment' button in your invitation email and this will direct you straight to your assessment.

If you are taking the downloadable version of our assessment and come across the message ' Username not recognised' when logging in, there are a few reasons why this might be:

Wrong username 

Your username is a seven-digit code, which you’ll find in your assessment invitation email. Double-check you’ve entered it correctly, looking out for the following:

  • There are no spaces or punctuation
  • You’ve not mixed up an I with a 1 (it happens!)
  • Caps lock isn’t stuck on

The easiest way to get this right is just to copy and paste it from your invitation email. Just make sure you’re entering your username, not your password.

Assessment mix-up

Double-check you’ve downloaded the right assessment. To do this, go back to your invitation email. There, you’ll see which assessment you’ve been invited to complete. 

If you’re trying to log into a different assessment than the one you’ve been invited to, your username won’t work.

Passed deadline

In your invitation email, you’ll see a deadline – the latest possible time you’ll be able to complete the assessment. 

If this date has passed, your username will no longer be recognised. You’ll need to contact the employer you’ve applied to if you want to request an extension.

I have checked all of the above

If you have checked all of the above options, and you are still unable to access the assessment, then fill in a Candidate Support Form, and we’ll be happy to help. 


Unable to find a solution to your query in the Knowledge Base? Fill in a Candidate Support Formand we’ll be in touch.