My email does not specify the correct information

Incorrect deadline

Oops! This will be a mistake, and nothing to worry about. You will be given sufficient time to complete the assessment, and will definitely not be penalized. Contact the Recruitment Team you have applied for to confirm any queries regarding your deadline.

No information about the role

Check the bottom of the assessment invitation. This will specify which Company Arctic Shores are working in collaboration with, and might remind you which role this relates to. Otherwise, create a support form and our support team will be able to give you further guidance on what Role and Company the assessment relates to. 

Incorrect name

Contact the Recruitment Team you have applied to, and explain that your email has been mistakenly paired with the incorrect name. They will be able to update this information.



Unable to find a solution to your query in the Knowledge Base? Fill in a Candidate Support Formand we’ll be in touch within two hours.