I’ve completed the Trial, but not the assessment

The trial app and the full assessment are two separate things, so you’ll need to log into them separately. Once you’ve completed the trial, here’s how to access the full assessment:

Step 1: Head back to your assessment invitation email (the one addressed from noreply@arcticshores.com).

Step 2: Find the download links for the assessment, about halfway down the email. Double-check the name of the assessment you’ve been asked to complete. Then, simply click on the correct link for your device.

Step 3: Once you’ve clicked the link, you’ll be presented with several different assessments you can download. At this point, just make sure you download the same assessment you were asked to complete in your invite email. 


If you are taking the web-based version of our assessment, you won't be required to download anything and can simply follow the link in your invitation email to access your assessment. This version of our assessment also has practice tasks built in so there's no need to download the trial app, you can read more about this here


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