I was expecting a personality test

First thing’s first – you’ve not been sent the wrong assessment!

If the assessment looks a little different, don’t worry. It’s meant to be. 

Traditional online personality tests rely on what’s called ‘self-report’ – basically, where candidates respond to a question by choosing the statement they feel describes them best.

But our assessment doesn’t ask you anything. In fact, it uses engaging, interactive tasks based on real neuroscience to measure your natural behaviour in action. Over 90% of candidates feel this is a more enjoyable, stress free experience than they typical self-report tests. But, crucially, it’s also more accurate – giving you a fairer shot at progressing to interview.

Once you’ve completed all the tasks, your responses will be compared to an ideal profile of ‘what good looks like’ in the role. This has been developed by our team of psychologists, in partnership with the respective employer. These profiles make sure every candidate is being assessed against the same criteria – again, in the name of complete fairness.

So, don’t fret if it feels a little unusual. We genuinely believe this is the most engaging, effective and fairest way to measure your suitability for a role. All we ask is that you approach the tasks naturally, and be yourself.

Good luck!


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