I was expecting a personality test

Do not worry, you have not been sent the wrong assessment!
More traditional online personality assessments rely on self-report, where candidates select the response that they think best describes them.
In our assessments, we measure behaviours and preferences based on responses to a series of well validated cognitive neuroscientific tasks that measure personality and cognitive ability. This is far less easy to cheat and more accurate under high stakes scenarios, like getting a job. 
The output of our assessment is then calibrated against a high performance profile on the job that is being applied for a fair assessment against what good looks like.  
We also aim for our assessments to make the process of taking a high-stakes assessment as engaging, enjoyable and relaxing as possible, by doing away with exams or questionnaires!
The result? A more engaging, more enjoyable, more objective, less stressful, less biased Psychometric assessment.  


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