There was only one task in the assessment

This is the Trial app, designed to give you a taste of what the full assessment feels like. You haven’t completed the full assessment yet.

So, here’s how you can get started on the full assessment:


Step 1: Head back to your assessment invitation email (the one addressed from

Step 2: Find the download links for the full assessment (about halfway down the email). Click the name of the assessment you’ve been asked to complete. Then, just click the correct download link for your device. 

Step 3: Click the link, and you’ll be presented with a few different assessments for your device. Make sure you click the one you’ve been asked to complete in the email invite.

Step 4: Open the assessment, and log in using the same details you used for the Trial app. Again, these are available in your invitation email.

Step 5: Follow the instructions and complete all the tasks in the assessment. This should take you about 35-40 minutes. Just be yourself and good luck!


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