I can’t download the assessment onto my computer because the link to the website isn’t working

Try and access the website page here. If this doesn't work, the website may be temporarily down. We recommend waiting and trying again later. 

You can also access direct download links to Skyrise City from the links below:

Skyrise City: Android Download | iOS Download |

Skyrise City (Desktop)Mac OSX Download | | Windows Download


Alternatively, you can access the assessment on your mobile device instead. The mobile version is available as an App, so it doesn’t require you to navigate to the website. For Apple devices, search for the assessment in your invitation in the App Store. For Android devices, search for it in the Google Play Store.


If you still cannot access the website download page after one working day and you don’t have an alternative device, then contact us using a support form. A member of our team will soon be in touch to help resolve the issue.


Unable to find a solution to your query in the Knowledge Base? Fill in a Candidate Support Formand we’ll be in touch within two hours.