The link to the website isn’t working

Try and access the website page here. If this doesn’t work, we may be experiencing some unexpected downtime. Bear with us!

If you still can't access the website download page after one working day, let us know through the support form here. A member of our team will reach out ASAP to get the issue resolved. 

If you’ve been asked to complete the Skyrise City assessment, you can download it directly from the links below:

Skyrise City: Android Download | iOS Download |

Skyrise City (Desktop)Mac OSX Download | | Windows Download


Note: If you’ve been invited to complete the web version of The Assessment, you don’t need to download anything! This assessment is web-based, not app-based.

All you’ll need to do is scroll down your invite to ‘Start Assessment’ and click the link. This will open The Assessment in your internet browser.


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