I am neurodivergent. How will you support me?

Arctic Shores is committed to discovering potential across all people applying for roles, by giving every individual the opportunity to showcase their strengths and every employer the opportunity to see these. We have taken steps to create an immersive and engaging experience which the majority of people find more enjoyable and less stressful in comparison to alternative psychometric tests. 

Nevertheless, we recognise that it is still a form of assessment with meaningful consequences for candidates. With this in mind, there is an inherent level of pressure that can result in a level of stress and anxiety for any candidate, an experience which might be heightened in individuals who are neurodivergent, those living with disabilities, or those with health conditions. 

We take the following steps to support our candidates:

  • We have designed our assessments in line with scientific principles and best practice to ensure there is no bias against any one group
  • Scoring adjustments are applied to particular metrics e.g. processing speed and memory, that are known to be specifically associated with each condition
  • Your assessment invitation provides information about how to ask for a reasonable adjustment and this will be applied for you before you take the assessment
  • We give guidance on ‘how to get comfortable in a distraction-free environment’ and we also provide ‘device guidance’ and links to FAQ’s.