What does my error code mean?

We know it can be frustrating when you get an error code, and have no idea what it means. So here’s a list of potential error codes, and what you should do if you see them.

A1011 – Player key does not exist

Firstly, make sure you’re entering the right player key. Note that it’s case sensitive.

Alternatively, you could be seeing this code because you’ve downloaded the wrong assessment. You can double-check which assessment you’ve been invited to in your invitation email (addressed from assessments@arcticshores.com).

A1017 – Player key has expired

This indicates that the deadline for completing the assessment has passed.

Please reach out directly to the employer you’ve applied to, to ask about a possible extension.

A1021 – Old version of the app

To access the assessment, make sure that:

  • You’re using the most recent version of the app
  • You’ve got enough storage for any updates on your device
  • You’re using the correct app, linked in your invitation email.

A1032 or H404 – You’ve run out of time (aptitude tasks only)

There are time limits for aptitude tasks (such as numerical or verbal reasoning). This code indicates that you’ve run out of time. 

If you feel like this is a technical glitch, please let us know through the candidate support form here.

A1033 – Different task in progress

This indicates that you’ve got the assessment running on two separate devices or windows. Please make sure you’re only running one session.

H500 (and similar) – Server interruption

Our server has been interrupted, which has unfortunately stopped you completing your assessment. We’d recommend trying again in an hour.

When you come back to the assessment, let the support team know if you’re not at the same stage where you left off.

All other error codes 

If you’re seeing a code that’s not listed here, please let us know using the candidate support form here. Please make sure you include a screenshot of the error code. We’ll get you back completing the assessment as soon as possible.


Unable to find a solution to your query in the Knowledge Base? Fill in a Candidate Support Formand we’ll be in touch.