What do candidates think about the assessment?

At Arctic Shores, we don’t just build our assessment for employers. It’s designed to give candidates an experience they’ll remember – for the right reasons. But don’t just take it from us...

Once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your experience and give us feedback in our survey. Here’s what 280,000 of your fellow candidates had to say about it:

  • 83% felt more relaxed when taking our assessment, compared to traditional psychometric tests.

  • 91% actively enjoyed completing it.

  • 88% felt the assessment reflected positively on the employer’s brand

  • 87% were more excited to work for the respective employer after taking our assessment.

“This is the future of psychometric testing. Engaging, simple, and I did not have to go out of my way to complete it. All employers should be using this.”


“I really enjoyed participating in this assessment. It was a welcome breath of fresh air compared to other job assessments. I found it to be the perfect balance of challenging and fair.”


“I don't play games generally but I found this to be entertaining all the same. The instructions were always clear and the different tasks were always exciting and rewarding to complete.”


“I think this is a great way to conduct an assessment! It’s especially useful for someone with a lack of work experience or education, who has the skills for a role, but does not have the academic/work credentials to prove it. This assessment gives candidates that opportunity.”


“Much more engaging than a simple question and answer format, and I believe it pulls much more motivation from the applicant than the older method. The assessment runs smoothly and is simple and clear. I wish all of my assessments used this app, to be honest.”


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