How do I set up my device in order to complete the assessment?

Please ensure the following:

There is enough storage space on the device
See this article for the specifications for how much data will be used 

You have good and stable internet connection

We recommend that you use a personal Wi-Fi connection. If you are using a company's or school's WiFi, there might be a firewall blocking the app's access to the internet. Please change to a data connection and try again.


You set up your device properly so that you minimise distraction                                     

It’s extremely important that you do not become distracted when taking the assessment. Please ensure that:

  • App and messaging push notifications are disabled.
  • Your device is set to “do not disturb” even when it is unlocked.
  • You have adequate battery life when you start the assessment.
  • You have a stable internet connection.

Android How-to:

  • See how to set your Android device to 'do not disturb' here.
  • See how to disable Android application notifications here. 

iOS How-to:

  • See how to set your iOS device to 'do not disturb' here.
  • See how to disable iOS application notifications here.


The app which you had downloaded is the correct version

Please ensure that you have downloaded the correct assessment to be completed for the organisation that you have applied for. You can find the link to the correct application on your initial email invitation. 


There are no other background apps running

You will want to ensure that your device is not running out of power, or operating more slowly than is possible to ensure the most accurate assessment. 



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