I disagree with my results!

There is a few potential reasons why that might be the case:
The way you completed the assessment.
Have you taken the assessment following our instructions – allowing a sufficient amount of time to complete it and removing yourself from all potential distractions? We sometimes find that not being fully focused or not playing to the best of your ability, may slightly skew the candidate’s results.
Change of reference points.
Although someone may seem exceptionally drive in comparison to their most immediate surrounding, this may not apply when comparing them to the wider population or to others applying to for similar role. We compare candidates scores to a 'norm group' or comparison of a similar demographic, educational and contextual background. For example, all sportsmen might be highly determined, but not all sportsmen will be highly determined when compared to other sportsman
Discrepancy between behavioural defaults and learned behaviours.
Our Behaviour-Based Assessments measure natural preferences, or your most preferred behaviours you’re likely to feel most comfortable displaying, especially when placed under pressure. This doesn’t mean that you cannot ‘stretch’ yourself to display either more or less extreme behaviours, depending on situational requirements or experience.



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